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PRAG provide One-Year warranty on all batteries installed by us and our AUTHORISED distributors.

PRAG batteries are of the highest quality and designed for long life. When used properly, the batteries outperform its peers in the industry. Please note that battery longevity is determined by usage style and adoption of recommended battery banks for each class of inverter. PRAG will not be liable for poor usage of battery and non-compliance to specifications.

Warranty only applies when batteries are used according to the specifications mentioned herein:

  1. Batteries must be returned untampered with and without physical damage
  2. PRAG Tubular GEL batteries are designed for Solar Installations and warranty only applies when deployed as such.
  3. PRAG AGM-GEL/GEL/CARBON and FLOODED batteries are designed for energy storage and regular warranty terms apply on proper application and usage.
  4. In case of failure within the warranty period, customer will be refunded based on proration. Similarly, where batteries are defective and cannot be repaired, customer is entitled to a refund of non-usage over the warranty period.
  5. The batteries refunded through proration are retrieved and become the property of the Company.
  6. All liabilities under this Warranty shall cease if the batteries are:
    1. Transferred to any other party other than the original buyer; and
    2. Used in any application other than that for inverter and the initial loads being accommodated.
  1. This warranty does not cover:
    1. Defects/damages to the battery caused by accidents, fire, natural calamities like earthquake, flood, etc. beyond the control of the Company, faulty electrical systems, negligent maintenance, incorrect charging or improper handling/maintenance by unauthorized personnel or third parties, willful abuse, destruction by fire.
    2. Breakage of container and cover or breakage and deformation of terminal duets through mechanical shocks and hammering.
    3. Recharging which shall be billed as extra.
    4. Failure of battery due to over discharge or over charge.
    5. Battery operated/abandoned in deep-discharge status for long period.
    6. Installations done in airtight environments and places that are susceptible to humidity due to customer’s choice and insistence.
    7. Exposure to excessive heat or cold temperatures.
  1. In case of warranty claim, the invoice/receipt/delivery notes (original) must be produced without which claim will not be entertained.


  1. Load: Load on the inverter must be reduced to a minimum as much as possible. You are advised not to use more than 25% of the rated maximum capacity of the inverter.
  2. Discharge: Batteries should not be fully discharged. Maximum recommended Depth of Discharge is 50%. Batteries must be recharged daily with Generator/PVs whenever NEPA/PHCN is unavailable.
  3. Charging: Always charge your batteries for longer periods. Completely discharged batteries will need between eight to 10 hours to charge effectively. Charging below this period often will reduce the lifespan of your batteries and negatively affect efficiency and run time.
  4. Leaving Batteries Discharged for Long Days: Do not leave your batteries completely discharged for days. This leads to sulfation which is irreversible and reduces battery capacity and life. Always ensure your batteries are fully charged before travelling or if batteries will not be used for a long time. Leaving a battery completely discharged for days will reduce battery life or destroy it.
  5. Mixing of Different Brands of Batteries: Do not mix different brands of batteries together. This will kill the set of batteries as quickly as possible. Do not mix old and new batteries. Please ensure that batteries are changed per set and not otherwise to avoid poor battery performance and reduced life cycle.

NOTE: Back up time or autonomy reduces as battery usage (period) increases. Life cycle depends on various factors such as frequency of charge / discharge, depth of discharge, quality of charge and general usage.

All defective products should be returned to our designated Service Centers in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

Service Hotlines:

  1. Lagos – 0810 400 8414
  2. PortHarcourt – 0816 625 8106
  3. Abuja – 0808 101 0747
  4. Lagos: 4, Obanikoro Street off Ikorodu Road Obanikoro
  5. Port Harcourt: 18, Ezimgbu Link Road GRA Phase IV, Mopol 19, Mummy B By-Pass
  6. Abuja: Shop 6, Duplex Shops, Block 5, Section 5 (Beside Daviva), Garki II Ultra-Modern Market

Monday to Fridays, 9am to 5pm.


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