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PRAG provides One-Year warranty on all PRAG inverters installed by us and our AUTHORISED distributors

Faults due to voltage surge, wrong/self-installation, malicious damage, and negligence due to the customer are not covered by warranty and cost of repairs/replacement will be charged separately.

Warranty only applies when products are deployed and used according to the specifications mentioned herein:

  1. Service during the warranty period: – In the event of the occurrence of a defect for which Pragmatic Technologies Ltd is responsible during the agreed warranty period, Pragmatic Technologies Ltd will, at its options, either
    • Repair the defect(s) at the premises of Pragmatic Technologies or on site; or
    • Provide equivalent replacement (used, repaired, re-engineered and tested) or a new device.
  2. Transportation
    • Customer shall be responsible for the transportation of the inverter to the Company’s Head Office situated at #4 Obanikoro Street, off Ikorodu Road, Via Falemi Building, Obanikoro, Lagos.
    • The inverters must be transported back in original or equivalent packaging.
  3. Warranty Claims: Conditions
    • In claiming warranty; customer must bring along the invoice of purchase, receipt or delivery notes.
    • The serial number of the device must not be removed or cleaned off.
    • Any action taken in connection with warranty claims must be coordinated with Pragmatic Technologies.
    • In the event of replacement of a device; the remaining warranty period shall not exceed the subsisting period.
  4. Scope and Validity
    • The warranty shall only be applicable to the inverter clearly identified by the serial number. Other installation accessories (Control Box, DC & AC cables) shall not be covered by warranty.
  5. Exceptions:- Any defect caused by the following circumstances shall not be covered by warranty:
    • Failure to comply with the load estimate, operating instructions, the installation guide and the maintenance instructions.
    • Faulty installation of the device.
    • Faulty start-up of the device.
    • Damage during the transportation of the device by customer.
    • Improper use or misuse of the device.
    • Insufficient ventilation of the installation area/space of the device.
    • Interference with the device by a third party not assigned by the Company.
    • FORCE MAJEURE (violent, humid environment or stormy weather, lightning, overvoltage, fire etc.).
    • In the event of visit for Fault/Service/Repairs (FSR) by Company’s Technician, a callout charge (N2, 500.00) Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira only will be paid by the customer.
    • Pragmatic Technologies will not be liable for compensation claims arising from poorly calibrated power input sources into the device during change of generators or mains supplies.

When public power supply (NEPA/PHCN) is not available, kindly ensure you use the right type of generator to charge. Please see table below for appropriate generator capacity for your inverter model.

Inverter Model Minimum Battery Bank Recommended Battery Bank Generator Capacity Charging Time
PRAG 1/1.2KVA 1: 12V|150AH, 12V|200AH 1 2KVA+  8HRS +
PRAG 1.45 – 2.5KVA 2: 12V|150AH, 12V|200AH 2 4KVA+ 10HRS+
PRAG 3KW/4KVA – 48V 4: 12V|150AH, 12V|200AH 8 6.5KVA+ 10HRS+
PRAG 4KVA/24V 4: 12V|150AH, 12V|200AH 6 6.5KVA+ 10HRS+
PRAG 6KW – 48V 4: 12V|150AH, 12V|200AH 8 15KVA+ 10HRS+
PRAG 10KVA – 120V 10: 12V|150AH,12V|200AH 10 20KVA+ 10HRS+

All defective products should be returned to our designated service centers in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

Service Hotlines:

Lagos – 0810 400 8414
PortHarcourt – 0816 625 8106
Abuja – 0808 101 0747
Lagos: 4, Obanikoro Street off Ikorodu Road Obanikoro
Port Harcourt: 18, Ezimgbu Link Road GRA Phase IV, Mopol 19, Mummy B By-Pass
Abuja: Shop 6, Duplex Shops, Block 5, Section 5 (Beside Daviva), Garki II Ultra-Modern Market
Monday to Fridays, 9am to 5pm.