PRAG Inverters is the #1 brand in Nigeria.  They are top quality, reliable, rugged and fast charging inverters.

Should you have any issue arising from the fact that your PRAG inverter is not charging, kindly follow the steps below to trouble shoot before escalating further:

  1. First confirm that your PRAG inverter is receiving input power at the inverter terminals.
    1. If your inverter is not receiving power, kindly rectify and plug properly.
    2. If the inverter is receiving power and it’s not still charging, then move to the next stage.
  2. Check that the input breakers are not off. If off, turn on. The input breakers are located at:
    1. The back of the PRAG inverter, and
    2. Inside the control box on the wall.

If input breakers are in correct position and still not charging, then;

  1. Check and confirm that the inverter is charging when on NEPA light. If yes, also;
  2. Check and confirm if the inverter is charging while on generator. If no,
    1. Check the generator frequency and reset to enable the PRAG inverter charge the batteries while on generator. Acceptable frequency is 50Hz
    2. Check generator capacity and ensure it is greater than inverter capacity by at least 5KVA.

If issue persists, kindly bring the inverter to our SERVICE CENTERS at:

Lagos: 4, Obanikoro Street off Ikorodu Road Obanikoro
Port Harcourt: 18, Ezimgbu Link Road GRA Phase IV, Mopol 19, Mummy B By-Pass
Abuja: Shop 6, Duplex Shops, Block 5, Section 5 (Beside Daviva), Garki II Ultra-Modern Market
Service Hotlines: Lagos – 0810 400 8414 | PortHarcourt – 08166258106 | Abuja – 0808 101 0747
(Monday to Fridays, 9am to 5pm)


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