TMB-1491 Blood Pressure Monitor

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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Result Interpretation. Universal Cuff–Fits all arm sizes.

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Normal Blood Pressure is required for healthy living. Abnormal blood pressure is known as Hypotension (below normal or Low Blood Pressure) or Hypertension (above normal or High Blood Pressure). Hypertensive individuals are disposed to and carry greater health risk conditions such as heart diseases, stroke, renal/kidney failure. Hypertension identified and treated early reduces associated risks.

TMB-1491 is the Best Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. It enables you to personally monitor your blood pressure in an easy-to-use and understandable manner.

2010 iF design product award citation
An idiographic design with elegant white color, blue mode LCD with white backlight and groovy alloy. Made of environmentally friendly materials and featuring an advanced measuring method, it is speedy, quiet and simple. Touch sensor and a good viewing angle for comfort and convenience. Powerful 2-user function with 60 memory groups each. Measure-during-inflating technology, the method used by the TMB986, is designed for a steadier and faster measurement by using an even pump speed and low pressure. Ideal for measuring blood pressure with a high level of comfort.



  • Automatic operation.
  • Easy and Comfortable to use.
  • Full automatic measurement
  • Universal Cuff–Fits all arm sizes.
  • Extra large blue LCD display with LED backlight.
  • Touch sensor switch.
  • 2 users Mode: Allows two users to monitor and track their readings separately in the stored memory.
  • 60 memory storage for each person (2 users, 120 in total) with date and time stamp that allows you to review the last 60 readings.
  • Blood pressure result classification: Optimal/Normal/High-Normal/Mild/Moderate/Severe

Caution: TMB-1491 allows you to monitor your blood pressure. Do not confuse self-monitoring with diagnosis. Always consult your physician for validation of your health status and treatment advice

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  • Display mode: Digital LCD V.A.128*50mm
  • Measurement mode: Oscillographic testing mode
  • Measurement range: Pressure: 0~300mmH, Pulse: 40~199 times/minute
  • Accuracy: Pressure:15°C~25°C within ± 3mmHg, 10°C~40°C(out of 5°C~25°C)within ± 6mmHg, Pulse: ±5%
  • Normal working condition: Temperature:10°C~40°C, Relative humidity ≤80%
  • Power supply: Battery powered mode: 6VDC 4*AAA alkaline batteries
  • Storage & transportation condition: Temperature:-20°C~60°C, Relative humidity: 10%~93%
  • Weight: Approx.300g (Excluding the dry cells)
  • External dimensions: Approx.180*100*39mm
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