PV40-200-V-C-S 200V DC Surge Protective Device + 2 Pole Enclosure

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This surge protective device especially designed for low-voltage power supply system at the boundaries
from lightning protection zone 1-2 and higher.

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  • Overview

    PV40-200-V-C-S 200V DC Surge Protective Device
    Type 2 surge arrester designed for low voltage DC system against surges at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 0B-2and higher.

    • In accordance with EN50539, IEC61643-11 and UL1449-4th
    • DC SPD for common mode protection
    • Pluggable module design, easy replacement
    • High discharge current 40kA 8/20
    • Reliable supervision due to disconnection device;
    • Fault indication by red indication flag in window;
    • With remote alarm terminal optional;


  • Part No.: PV40-200-V-C(-S)
  • In accordance with: EN50539;IEC61643-11:2011; UL1449-4th
  • Category IEC/VDE: II/ C
  • Protection Mode: Common mode
  • Nominal voltage (Vdc) Un: 200
  • Max. continuous operating voltage (Vdc) Ucpv: 250
  • Nominal discharge current(8/20us) In: 20kA
  • Max. discharge current(8/20us) Imax : 40kA
  • Voltage protection rating Up: <1.0kV
  • Voltage protection rating VPR: <0.7kV
  • Short-circuit current rating(Iscpv): 1000A
  • Response time: ≤25 ns
  • Follow current: No
  • Backup fuse(only required if not already provided in : 125A gR/gPV
  • Operating temperature range: – 40ºC ~ + 80ºC
  • Cross-section of connection wire: Single-strand 35mm2; multi-strand 25mm2
  • Mounting: 35mm DIN-rail in accordance with EN 50022/DIN46277-3
  • Enclosure material: thermoplastic; extinguishing degree UL94 V-0
  • Degree of protection: IP20
  • Installation width: 2 modules, DIN 43880
  • Thermal disconnector: Internal green – normal ; red – failure
  • Remote alarm contact: Optional
  • Approvals, Certifications: CE
  • Remote alarm contact type: Isolated Form C
  • Switching capability Un/In: AC: 250V/0.5A DC: 250V/0.1A; 125V/0.2A; 75V/0.5A
  • Max. Size of connecting wire: Max. 1.5mm2(or # 16AWG)