EPever Tracer MPPT Solar Charge Controller 40A

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40A, 12/24V Auto Voltage, High Efficiency, Programmable

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• Advanced MPPT technology
• High tracking efficiency no less than 99.5%
• Peak conversion efficiency of 98%
• Ultra-fast tracking speed
• Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point
• Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively
• User programmable for battery types, load control etc.
• 3-Stage charge with PWM output
• Common positive grounding design
• RS485 port with industrial standard MODBUS open architecture
• Fully programmable function via PC software or remote meter

Electronic protections:
• PV reverse polarity protection
• PV short circuit protection
• PV over current alarm protection
• Battery overcharge protection
• Battery over discharge protection
• Battery reverse polarity protection
• Load short circuit protection
• Load overload protection
• Controller overheating protection

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 Model Tracer4210A
Nominal system voltage 12/24VDC auto work
Rated charge current 40A
Rated discharge current 40A
Battery input voltage


Max. PV open circuit


100V(at minimum operating environment temperature)
92V(at 25℃ environment temperature)
 MPP voltage range VBAT+2V~ 72V
Max. PV input power 520W(12V) 1040W(24V)
 Equalize charging voltage Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V
 Boost charging voltage Gel: 14.2V, Sealed: 14.6V, Flooded: 14.8V
  Float charging voltage 13.8V
 Low voltage reconnect voltage 12.6V
 Low voltage disconnect voltage 11.1V
Self-consumption ≤20mA/12V; ≤16mA/24V
Temperature compensation coefficient -3mV/ ºC/2V(25 ºC)
Working temperature -25 ºC ~+45 ºC
Enclosure IP30
Overall dimension 252x180x63mm
Power terminals 6AWG(16mm2)
Net weight 1.9kg
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