8KVA/6KW 48V Inverter

Fast Charging Inverter with Voltage & Temperature Sensors + CCT Monitor

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PRAG 8KVA/6KW 48V Inverter is an inverter/charger combination with high reliability providing true sine-wave inverter, lead acid battery charger and AC transfer switch together. It can be connected to either solar, grid or generator to compose power system for the most demanding power backup application.

It comes with the RCC-Remote Control Console that allows for remote monitoring and controlling of the inverter meters away.

This PRAG Inverter integrates multiple functions including a powerful battery charger, true sine wave inverter and a high speed automatic transfer switch. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable to power most demanding appliances such as air conditioners, water pumps, washing machines, freezers etc.

The inverter has some distinguishing features designed especially for Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia countries where the grid is not stable and low voltage was frequently encounter. This inverter can maximize the usage of grid and automatically adjust its charging in accordance with the setting.

  • Bi directional inverter with Pure Sine Wave Inverteroutput
  • Can be applied for power backup and solar hybrid system
  • High performance designed for all kinds of home appliances.
  • Equalize charging program available
  • Compatible with major generators in the market
  • Designed to work with weak grids
  • Designed for tropical region with working temperature up to 60℃
  • Weak grid mode make it suitable for unstable grid
  • Outstanding peak power make it suitable for heavy load, such as air conditioner
  • PRAG Invertermulti stage charging algorithm with built in automatic temperature compensation
  • Various charging algorithm for multiple battery chemicals including AGM, GEL, Semi Traction and Traction.
  • Equalization program available for Traction and Semi-traction battery
  • Charger only functionalso available
  • GEN mode makes it compatible with majority of generators in the market.
  • Optional low voltage disconnect level

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Price Options

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables = N673300

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables + Installation + AVS = N720800

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables + Installation + AVS + 8 Batteries*
+ Economy Battery = N1772200

+ Standard Battery = N1852200

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N1887600

+ Premium Battery = N1978400

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables + Installation + AVS + 8 Batteries + Rack
+ Economy Battery = N186400

+ Standard Battery = N1944000

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N1992000

+ Premium Battery = N2108400

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables + Installation + AVS + 4 Batteries + Rack + 9 Mono Solar Panels
+ Economy Battery = N2302400

+ Standard Battery = N2322400

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N2367700

+ Premium Battery = N2421500

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables + Installation + AVS + 8 Batteries + Rack + 18 Mono Solar Panels
+ Economy Battery = N3888400

+ Standard Battery = N3968400

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N4016400

+ Premium Battery = N4132800

6KW-48V WITH RCC + AC/DC Cables + Installation + AVS + 8 Batteries + Rack + 18 Mono Solar Panels + Remote Meter
+ Economy Battery = N3898400

+ Standard Battery = N3978400

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N4026400

+ Premium Battery = N4142800

Economy Battery = 12V|200AH Economy AGM GEL Battery
Standard Battery = 12V|200AH PRAG AGM Standard Battery
2X 6V | 200AH = 2X 6V|200AH AGM Battery
Premium Battery = 12V|200AH Premium Tubular GEL Battery


Nominal Voltage 48VDC
Cont output power at 40°C (W) 6000W
Cosq 0.9 – 1
Overload >150% 20s
>125% 1min
>110% 1min
Surge 300%
Output Voltage 230VAC ± 2%
Output frequency 50Hz ± 0.1%
Efficiency  94%
Bypass Range Standard Mode = 184VAC – 264VAC
GEN = 160VAC – 280VAC
Standby adjustment 0.2%~2% Nominal power
Crest factor 3:1
THD <3%
Zero load power 36W
Zero load power (power save mode) 9W
Output circuit breaker 30A
Low voltage disconnect (VDC) – settable 20.0 – 23.4
Overload and overheat protection Auto disconnect with 3 times restart attempt
Shortcut protection Auto disconnect with 3 times restart attempt


Nominal output Voltage 48 VDC
Max Output current (A) – Adjustable 60
AC Input voltage Range GEN mode = 200VAC – 264VAC, 45 – 65Hz
Battery types AGM/GEL/Flooded / Semi Traction/Traction
Max output current 30A
Absorption time Variable
Temperature Compensation – 4mV/°C/cell
Charger circuit breaker 30A
Slave Charger 3A(12VDC/24VDC only)

Other Data

Transfer time 15ms (GRID mode)
2s (GEN mode)
Transfer switch 40A
Battery connector M8 x 2
AC connector Terminal block (M4 screw)

Mechanical Data

Enclosure Steel with powder paint
Dimension 527 x 336 x 190.5
Net Weight (kgs) 46
Cooling Forced fan
Protection IP21
Standard EN60950 -1 EN55022


Safety EN60950 -1
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