6.5K – 48V Inverter – H

Durable and Fast Charging Inverter.

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PRAG H-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter / Charger

PRAG H-Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger and AC auto-transfer switch into one complete system with a peak conversion efficiency of 88%.

It is packed with unique features and it is one of the most advanced inverter/chargers in the market today.

It features power factor correction, sophisticated multi-stage charging and pure sine wave output with unprecedentedly high surge capability to meet demanding power needs of inductive loads without endangering the equipment.

PRAG H-Series Inverter is equipped with a powerful charger of up to110Amps (depending on model). The overload capacity is 300% of continuous output for up to 20 seconds to reliably support tools and equipment longer.


  • Easy to Install & Easy to Operate & Easy to Solve
  • Designed to Operate under Harsh Environment
  • DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Powerful Charge Rate Up to 120Amp (depending on model), Selectable From 0%-100%
  • High Efficiency Design & “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy
  • 8 pre Set Battery Type Selector plus De-sulphation for Totally Flat Batteries
  • 4-step Intelligent Battery Charging, PFC (Power Factor Correction) for Charger
  • 8 ms Typical Transfer Time Between Utility & Battery, Guarantees Power Continuity
  • 15s Delay Before Transfer when AC Resumes, Protection for Load when Used with Generator
  • Battery DOD(Depth of Discharge) setting from 50% to 100%.
  • SNMP remote monitoring (available as an option)

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Price Options

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6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables 356,800 356,800 356,800
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation 384,300 384,300 384,300
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 8 Batteries**+ Rack 1,567,300 2,148,300
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 12 Batteries**+ Rack 2,189,800 3,061,300
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 8 Batteries** + Rack + 16 Poly Solar Panels 3,289,300 3,870,300
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 8 Batteries** + Rack + 16 Mono Solar Panels 3,417,300 3,998,300
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 12 Batteries** + Rack + 24 Poly Solar Panels 4,911,800 5,783,300
6.5KVA – 48V – H + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 12 Batteries** + Rack + 24 Mono Solar Panels 5,103,800 5,975,300


Inverter Output
Model PT-INV-6.5KVA/5000W 48V-Color LED, Wall-H
Continuous Output Power 5000W
Surge Rating(20s) 15000W
Capable of Starting Electric Motor 5HP
Output Waveform Pure Sine wave/Same as input(Bypass mode)
Nominal Efficiency >88%(Peak)
Line Mode Efficiency >95%
Power Factor 0.9-1.0
Nominal Output Voltage rms 100-110-120Vac / 220-230-240Vac
Output Voltage Regulation ±10% RMS
Output Frequency 50/60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Short Circuit Protection Yes, Current Limit Function (Fault after 1sec)
Typical transfer Time 10ms(Max)
THD < 10%
DC Input
Nominal Input Voltage 12.0Vdc
( *2 for 24Vdc, *4 for 48Vdc)
Minimum Start Voltage 10.0Vdc
Low Battery Alarm 10.5Vdc / 11.0Vdc
Low Battery Trip 10.0Vdc / 10.5Vdc
High Voltage Alarm & Fault 16.0Vdc
High DC Input Recovery 15.5Vdc
Low Battery voltage recover 13.0Vdc
Idle Consumption-Search Mode < 25 W when Power Saver On
Input Voltage Range Wide: 90~135VAC / 164~243VAC
Narraw: 100~135VAC / 194~243VAC
Output Voltage Depends on battery type
Charger Breaker Rating 30A
Max Charge Rate 60 + 5A
Over Charge Protection Shutdown 15.7V for 12Vdc ( *2 for 24Vdc, *4 for 48Vdc)
Charger curve(4 stage constant current)
4 step digital controlled progressive charge
Battery types ( *2 for 24Vdc, *4 for 48Vdc)
Battery type Float Vdc
Gel U.S.A 13.7
A.G.M 1 13.4
A.G.M 2 13.7
Sealed Lead Acid 13.6
Gel Euro 13.8
Open Lead Acid 13.3
Calcium 13.6
De-sulphation 15.5 for 4hrs
Remote Control Yes. Optional
Bypass & Protection
Input Voltage Waveform Sine wave (Grid or Generator)
Nominal Voltage 230Vac
Low Voltage Trip 184V/154V±4%
Low Voltage re engage 194V/164V±4%
High Voltage Trip 253V±4%
High Voltage re engage 243V±4%
Max Input AC Voltage 270VAC
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Auto detect)
Low Freq Trip 47±0.3Hz for 50Hz, 57±0.3Hz for 60Hz
Low Freq re engage 48±0.3Hz for 50Hz, 58±0.3Hz for 60Hz
High Freq Trip 55±0.3Hz for 50Hz, 65±0.3Hz for 60Hz
High Freq re engage 54±0.3Hz for 50Hz, 64±0.3Hz for 60Hz
Output Short circuit protection Circuit breaker
Bypass breaker rating 30A
Transfer switch rating 40amp for UL
Max bypass current 40amp
Mechanical Specification
Mounting Wall mount
Inverter Dimensions(L*W*H) 598*218*179mm
Inverter Weight 45KG
Shipping Dimensions(L*W*H) 740*315*300mm
Shipping Weight 47KG
Display Status LEDs / Status LEDs+LCD
Standard Warranty 1 Year