3KVA 24V Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
Advanced Digital Technology

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High reliable system
Advanced digital automatic control technology to ensure the power durable and reliable

Strong Environment Adaptability

  • Wide input voltage and frequency range to avoid frequent switching.
  • Intelligent charging mode.
  • Shutdown charging function.
  • Three steps charging mode.

Full Display Information

  • LCD Display: Input voltage, Input frequency, Output voltage, Output frequency, Battery voltage, PV input voltage, Solar charger, Full load, Temperature, Failure.

LCD Display Mode
Full Display Function

  • Inverter short circuit and overload protection function.
  • Battery over discharge protection.
  • Solar cell module polarity reverse connection protection.
  • Solar charge controller, inverter and other internal short circuit protection.


  • Wide input voltage range
  • Fully digitized microprocessor control
  • UPS mode and inverter mode suit for different application
  • LCD displays comprehensive parameters (Optional)
  • Cold start
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Changing current is optional
  • Compatible with generator

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Technical Specifications

Capacity (KVA/KW) 3

Line Mode 


Nominal input Voltage 220V (AC)
Operating Voltage Range

145V ~ 285V (AC) UPS Mode)

120V ~ 300V (AC) (Inverter Mode)

Operating Frequency Range 38Hz ~ 70Hz

200V ~ 240V (AC) UPS Mode)

180V ~ 255V (AC) (Inverter Mode)

Frequency Range Same as Mains
Waveform (Mains, Mode) Tracking Mains
Efficiency >95% (Full R Load, Battery Full Charged)
Transfer Time

UPS mode (High Sensitivity); 8ms typical, 15ms Max.

Inverter Mode (Low Sensitivity); 140ms Max, (Slow Start)

Back Up Mode
Voltage 220V (AC) (±5%)
Frequency Range 50 ±1Hz
Waveform (Batt. Mode) Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency ≥ 85%
AC Charger
Charging Algorithm 3-Step Charging
Maximum Charging Current 10A / 20A Selectable
Battery Voltage 24V (DC)
Floating Voltage 27.6V (DC)
Over Charging Voltage 30.0V (DC)
Full Protection Overload, Over Charged, Over Discharged, Over Temperature, Short Circuit Protection
Battery Mode Beep 1 time/10s, Mute after 3min
Battery Low Beep 2 times/s
Overload Beep 4 times in 2s
UPS Start-up Beep for 2s
Fault Continuously Sounding
Dimension (DxWxH) mm 352 x 220 x 358
Packing (DxWxH) mm 435 x 306 x 448
Net Weight (kg) 28
Shipping Weight (kg) 29
Operating Environment
Humidity 0~90% RH @ 0~40°(Non-Condensing)
Noise Level

Less than 50dB



Price Option

3KVA-24V + AC/DC Cables = N155300

3KVA-24V + AC/DC Cables + Installation = N182800

3KVA-24V + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 4 Batteries*
+ Economy Battery = N696800

+ Standard Battery = N736800

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N752800

+ Premium Battery = N899800

3KVA-24V + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 4 Batteries + Rack
+ Economy Battery = N742700

+ Standard Battery = N782700

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N805000

+ Premium Battery = N964800

3KVA-24V + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 4 Batteries/Rack** + 8 Mono Solar Panels
+ Economy Battery = N1686100

+ Standard Battery = N1729300

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N1748400

+ Premium Battery = N1908200

Economy Battery = 12V|200AH Economy AGM GEL Battery
Standard Battery = 12V|200AH PRAG AGM Standard Battery
2X 6V | 200AH = 2X 6V|200AH AGM Battery
Premium Battery = 12V|200AH Premium Tubular GEL Battery