10KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer (95V-280V)

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Central Stabilizer for your entire Home/Office. Input Voltage (95V-280V)


  •  Overview

    The Prag 10KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer Stabilize and Protect all electrical appliances in your premises: Air Conditioners, Fridges, Freezers, TV, Home Theatre, DVD, Satellite Decoder, Electronics, Lights, Fans, Washing Machine, Microwave, Pumping Machine, Photocopier, Printer, Desktops, Notebooks, etc.

    Low, High, Fluctuating NEPA Voltage?

    One Central Stabilizer for your entire Flat, Home, Office, etc.

    Input Voltage Range of 95V-280V


    PC-AVS or Programmed Control Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Series is based on digital technology.  It provides voltage stabilization and protection to appliances and equipment. The design of the PC-AVS is designed as a central stabilizer to handle all house loads.


    • Input voltage range (95V-280V)
    • Steady output voltage
    • Digital Control
    • Relay Control Technology + Toroidal Transformer System
    • Wall mounted
    • User friendly Color LCD display
    • Low and Over voltage protection


    • Home Appliances
    • Office Equipment
    • Medical Equipment
    • Sensitive Equipment
    • General Use

    Price: 99,500
    Installation Fees: 5,000

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  • Model: TM95-10KVA
  • Input voltage: 95V-280V AC
  • Power: 10KVA
  • Technology: Relay Control System + Toroidal Transformer
  • Efficiency: ≥ 97%
  • Display: LED Digital Display
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Delay Time: Short Delay (3-5 sec)
  • Over-voltage protection: AC246 ± 4V
  • High Temperature
  • Short Circuit
  • Output voltage: 220V ± 10%
  • Phase: Single

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