1.5KVA 24V Solar Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter — Advanced Digital Technology

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High reliable system
Advanced digital automatic control technology to ensure the power durable and reliable

Strong Environment Adaptability

  • Wide input voltage and frequency range to avoid frequent switching.
  • Intelligent charging mode.
  • Shutdown charging function.
  • Three steps charging mode

Full Display Information

  • LCD Display: Input voltage, Input frequency, Output voltage, Output frequency, Battery voltage, PV input voltage, Solar charger, Full load, Temperature, Failure.


LCD Display Mode
Full Display Function

  • Inverter short circuit and overload protection function.
  • Battery over discharge protection.
  • Solar cell module polarity reverse connection protection.
  • Solar charge controller, inverter and other internal short circuit protection.


  • Wide input voltage range
  • Fully digitized microprocessor control
  • UPS mode and inverter mode suit for different application
  • LCD displays comprehensive parameters (Optional)
  • Cold start
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Changing current is optional
  • Compatible with generator

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Price Option

1.5KVA-24V SOLAR + AC/DC Cables = N123400

1.5KVA-24V SOLAR + AC/DC Cables + Installation = N145900

1.5KVA-24V SOLAR + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 2 Batteries*
+ Economy Battery = N398900

+ Standard Battery = N418900

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N428900

+ Premium Battery = N448900

1.5KVA-24V SOLAR + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 2 Batteries + Rack
+ Economy Battery = N412900

+ Standard Battery = N437400

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N442900

+ Premium Battery = N462900

1.5KVA-24V SOLAR + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 2 Batteries + Rack + 4 Mono Solar Panels
+ Economy Battery = N810900

+ Standard Battery = N857000

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N840900

+ Premium Battery = N860900

1.5KVA-24V SOLAR + AC/DC Cables + Installation + 2 Batteries + Rack + 4 Mono Solar Panels + Remote Meter
+ Economy Battery = N820900

+ Standard Battery = N867000

+ 2X 6V | 200AH = N850900

+ Premium Battery = N870900

Economy Battery = 12V|200AH Economy AGM GEL Battery
Standard Battery = 12V|200AH PRAG AGM Standard Battery
2X 6V | 200AH = 2X 6V|200AH AGM Battery
Premium Battery = 12V|200AH Premium Tubular GEL Battery




Capacity (KVA/KW)




Line Mode


Nominal input Voltage

220V (AC)

Operating Voltage Range

145V ~ 285V (AC) UPS Mode)

120V ~ 300V (AC) (Inverter Mode)

Operating Frequency Range

38Hz ~ 70Hz




200V ~ 240V (AC) UPS Mode)

180V ~ 255V (AC) (Inverter Mode)

Frequency Range

Same as Mains

Waveform (Mains, Mode)

Tracking Mains


>95% (Full R Load and Battery Full Charged)

Transfer Time

UPS mode (High Sensitivity); 8ms typical, 10ms Max.

Inverter Mode (Low Sensitivity); 140ms Max, (Slow Start)


Back Up Mode



220V (AC) (±5%)

Frequency Range

50 ±1Hz

Waveform (Batt. Mode)

Pure Sine Wave


≥ 83%


AC Charger

Charging Algorithm

3-Step Charging

Maximum Charging Current

10A / 20A Selectable

Floating Charging Voltage

27.6V (DC)

Over Charging Voltage

30V (DC)


Solar Charger

Maximum PV Array Power


Maximum Charging Current


Battery Voltage

24V (DC)

Operating Voltage

30 ~ 36V (DC)

Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage

65V (DC)

Typical Recharge Time

Depended on external battery



Full Protection

Overload, Over Charged, Over Discharged, Over Temperature, Short Circuit Protection



Battery Mode

Beep 1 time/10s, Mute after 3min

Battery Low

Period: Beep 2 times/s, then mute 1 second


Beep 4 times in 3s, then mute 2s

UPS Start-up

Beep for 2s


Continuously Sounding



Dimension (DxWxH) mm

362.5 x 295 x 187.3

Packing (DxWxH) mm

424 x 385 x 272

Net Weight (kg)


Shipping Weight (kg)



Operating Environment


0~90% RH @ 0~40°(Non-Condensing)

Noise Level

Less than 50dB