1.45KVA Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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  • DSP Based
  • LCD for battery user interface
  • ASIC Technology for better charge management
  • Manual bypass
  • Extra protection in the circuit to prevent MOSFET failure

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Technical Specification


Output Voltage at no lead  220V+ /- 7V
Output frequency  50.0 Hz +/- 1.0Hz
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage 24V
Low Battery Cut off 21.0 + /- 0.2V
Charging Mode
Description 1450VA
Charge Current Three Mode

 Low Charging

 9.0 A +/- 1A

 High Charging

 13.0 A +/- 1A

Boost Charging Voltage

 28.8 V +/- 0.2V

Float Charging Voltage

 27.4 V +/- 0.2V

Charging technique

 Smart Charger