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Tired of Generators?


Prag inverters delivers same quality constant power supply as the mains supply thereby ensuring safety of appliances. It comes with an interactive display screen which enable ease of monitoring. The Inverter back up all appliances without going off during power failure. We offer a PRAG pure sine wave inverter that is fast charging and affordable. Our Inverter is also compatible with your Generator set.

Say hello to the World of Innovation.

Innovation in your Home or Office

We offer a PRAG Wall mounted Hybrid Solar Inverter with exquisite designs, ruggedness and in-built MPPT Charge controller that enables you harvest optimum energy from the solar array. It comes with interactive display and advanced technology that ensures your batteries are well charged and your home well-lit all-day long.

Fuel Free,

Rugged and Powerful. Fuel Free and Noiseless.

Compact inverter that comes with power solution desired in every home. Robust in design, built to serve. It comes with high charging current suitable for strings of batteries and advanced design technology that ensures batteries last longer. Beautiful colour of the inverter also adds to your home aesthetics.

An Art of Excellence.

Hybrid version. An inverter/charger combination with high reliability

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